An Old Classic Revisited

Although often relegated to the young and teen-aged girl’s jewelry chests, beaded name necklaces are making a comeback through many of the small scale and amateur jewelry makers. Dressing them up with gold and other precious metals, gems and fancy beads have brought this ‘kids’ necklace into the spotlight.

Name necklaces are one of the mainstays for the traditional jewelers. Although not particularly hard to craft, they are personalized. Personalization in jewelry is a big plus. Since everyone likes to see their name, or nickname, these necklaces are a solid hit. They always have been and always will be. By making the block letters that spell out the name out of gold or using gold beads as highlights, they have created a different style dynamic for casual and sporty jewelry with just the right touch of class and elegance. You can wear these necklaces with a more formal look to show off your young side, but they are generally worn with more casual clothes.

Even better, with just a minimum of work, these necklaces can be truly customized and unique. Rare and unusual beads can be added between the letters and to the necklace itself to create your own work of art. A charm holder can be added to the necklace and you will have a necklace that is truly one of a kind. For every bead or charm you add to the necklace, you increase the beauty and uniqueness of it. The only question is where to stop, how much is too much? As in most fashion decisions, that is a question that only you can answer.

Although this type of necklace isn’t for everyone and certainly not for every style, they are a fun and a casual addition to your jewelry box.

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