Effective Tips On How To Maintain Silver Personalized Jewelry

Silver is a very beautiful and versatile metal. Moreover, its soft gleam adds a touch of elegance to custom necklaces and other jewelry. Despite being quite beautiful, silver is also very fragile and it can quickly develop stains, tarnish or scratches. Cleaning silver jewelry such as bracelet, rings, and custom necklaces can be a bit scary mainly because they are very delicate. 

However, over time your beautiful silver jewelry begins to dull and stops looking new. Silver jewelry tarnishes and darkens with exposure to humidity. Exposure to common skin care products such as makeup and lotion as well as exposure to other daily elements can take a toll on your silver jewelry. Understanding how to maintain and clean your silver jewelry properly without harming or scratching the piece is a very valuable skill to help keep your jewelry looking new. 

Before you begin

Check for any jewelry with clasps or stones to ensure that they are firmly in place and secure. You may cause further damage or even cause the stone to fall off if you try to clean jewelry when the stones and clasps are not fully secure. 

Deciding on the cleaning products to use

Although this step is extremely important, choosing the proper products to use can be somehow confusing. It is vital to know products that can cause damage to your silver jewelry. These products include alcohol, ammonia, acetone, and bleach. It is important to only use mild cleaners and be sure to use water to dilute them just to be safe. Good silver cleaning products include mild phosphate free detergents, non-abrasive toothpaste, baking soda and commercial silver cleaners. 

Choosing a cleaning brush

Be very careful on the type of cleaning brush you choose to deep clean silver personalized jewelry. Always stay away from the abrasive brushes and bristle brushes. Some of the best silver jewelry cleaning brushes are very soft bristle brushes such as a mushroom brush or a baby tooth brush. 

Wash separately

Silver jewelry should be cleaned promptly after every use. Always remember to wash silver jewelry separately because utensils and metal sinks can easily scratch your silver jewelry. On the other hand, stainless steel can also damage the finish of your silver jewelry when it comes into contact with it. 

Avoid using rubber gloves because rubber also corrodes silver. When cleaning silver jewelry you should always clean in an up and down motion and not in circular motion. Use a soft sunshine cloth to gently rub the silver jewelry clean.

Drying silver jewelry

It is vital to choose the proper material when drying your personalized silver jewelry. Use 100% unbleached cotton material such as silver wipes, cotton balls and soft flannel materials. Using the proper material when drying your silver jewelry helps keep your custom necklaces and rings free from scratches or complete damage.


Storing your silver jewelry correctly is one of the best ways of preserving it. Make sure each silver piece is dry before storing it. Wrap each piece separately in anti-tarnish paper or acid-free tissue paper. You can also wrap your silverware in flannel. Seal the wrapped silver jewelry in airtight plastic bags. 

Whether you store your silver jewelry in a display case or bag, silica gel should be placed nearby in order to ward off tarnish by reducing humidity. Silver jewelry should not be stored in a place where it can come into contact with stainless steel, rubber or paint. 

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