How to Maintain Initials Ring

Initials rings have become very popular over the recent years due to the intimate connection they exude. Many people have also started using rings that contain initials in weddings too. Often, it is perceived asa  thoughtful gift, given to someone special. Though you can find different rings made using different metals, gold and platinum rings usually look the best. An Initials ring, also known as a name ring, is usually made through a custom order, depending on the initial, ring size and design you prefer.

Many people feel that owning an initials ring exudes confidence. Some people also state that having their name on jewelry makes them feel special.  However, though owning a simple gold bands is easier to clean than owning an initial ring, you can now maintain an initial ring easily too.

Choose the right metal for your ring

As you may know, there are various metals jewelers use to make rings and they include gold, platinum, silver or just brass. Choosing the right metal for your ring is crucial because some metals can wear out over time, losing their shine. The name ring exhibits a faded look which doesn’t look attractive. Even though metals like gold and platinum can be expensive, you can choose them as they last for a long time compared to cheap metals.

Polish your ring regularly

You will need to determine the kind of polishing technique your name ring requires, as it depends on the metal you choose. Different metals need to be cleaned in different ways, but it’s always harder to clean rings with letters as they have more crevices and cuts contributing to their beauty.  You can clean them using soap and water and have a jeweler polish them regularly. Polishing your ring makes it shine and a jeweler will also clean the crevices of the ring, making it look brighter.

Use brushes to clean the ring

You might also consider using a brush to clean your ring occasionally. In addition, you can buy cleansing solutions to clean the rings, but make sure that you buy solutions that suit your ring metals.

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This article is about maintaining an Initials ring. It discusses different techniques involved in cleaning and polishing an Initial ring, also known as name ring

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