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Subtle, classic, elegant, proud. That is what happens when you wear a beautiful monogram necklace – the signature piece of personalized jewelry.


Monogram necklaces are popular with both men and women; the styles vary to fit any physique and personality. Why choose a monogram necklace? The answer is two words: understated elegance.


In personalized jewelry selections, a necklace can be a full name or monogram. If the name is long (over 10 letters) or you would rather not wear your full name, a subtly designed monogram provides personal customization with a degree of anonymity. You know what those letters mean, it is your unique identity in the world, but perhaps you would rather keep some degree of privacy.


For more formal situations like dressing for professional purposes,or even for formal dress, a monogram necklace is the perfect accessory. Classic! What an excellent idea to give as a gift for bridal showers, bachelor parties, weddings, for a new baby, graduation, birthday. . . or not reason at all. We give monogrammed towels, sweaters, shirts; why not start the tradition of monogram necklaces as well?


When selecting a monogram necklace for yourself or another, the options are countless and include such details as variety of fonts, script and block, sizes, chain lengths, and weights, gold, white gold, silver, or composites, as well as options for diamond or other gem enhancements.

Monogram necklaces ,found in so many varieties, sizes, and configurations, are a unique and elegantly understated way of wearing confidence and esteem. While others may only see a beautiful piece of high quality jewelry, you will know what the real value is. That necklace is you.

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