Trendy and Artistic Monogram Necklaces Go With Every Outfit

Take a peek at the jewelry stores lately and you will see a lot of initials everywhere. These little letters on gold and silver chains are one of the new ‘hot’ jewelry trends sweeping the market. Whether in gold or silver, plain or fancy, monogram necklaces are making a splash in the style bazaars. What you might not have seen yet are the pieces that are based on the traditional designs that have modernized them with unusual materials and additions that not only make them more unique, but also show off the wearer’s artistic side.

One of the nice things about the surge in small jewelry makers in recent years is that many of the old, traditional styles are being updated into new and exciting designs. The monogram necklace is one of these trends. Traditionally, this necklace was made in either silver or gold with fanciful letters. Some of the recent styles, coming from amateur and small-scale jewelry makers are looking past those restrictions and branching out into plastics, non-traditional metals and making the necklace fancier with the addition of gems or charms. All of these concepts are breathing new life into an old favorite and bringing the interest in this beautiful piece back into our awareness.

Although I am certain that traditional piece won’t be going out of style anytime soon, the updated necklaces will give it a run for its money in the sporty or casual look. Big, chunky plastic letters on a beaded necklace, while not dressing up a t-shirt and shorts, would certainly be a sporty addition to the outfit and show off your cute and sassy side. Thankfully a lot of jewelry makers are taking a second look at traditional jewelry and updating it to a modern style.

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