Gold Name Necklace: A Golden Gift to Treasure

Everyone loves gold, the currency of kings. It is no coincidence that gold sets the standard for excellence: the gold medal, a gold star, and golden opportunities. Currency is based on gold even life-giving sunlight is gold!


Personalized gold jewelry, especially a gold name necklace, presents the very highest standard of self- expression in a manner fit for royalty. Think of the statement that such an elegant and customized piece of jewelry makes by combining originality and quality in one piece of personalized jewelry.


Famous American poet Robert Frost wrote a poem, “Nothing Gold Can Stay”, about the fleeting nature of perfection. Yet, perfection is permanent in a gold personal name necklace,

So many features of a gold name necklace make it a cost effective investment that lasts forever. Each necklace is unique to its wearer and can be customized according to taste and styleBoth the chain and lettering is available in yellow gold or white gold.. Many people like to mix it up; a yellow gold chain with white gold lettering, for example. Although other metals may be available, gold is overwhelmingly the most popular choice.


Customization of name is fun and creative. Consider the lettering. Generally, because of design, there is a maximum choice of up to ten letters. Whether script or block lettering, it’s up to each individual. Size of name and font selection help achieve the desired look, whether delicate and subtle, daring, classic, or a combination.

Although gold name necklaces are considered classic, more and more people choose to use a nickname or personal message on their necklace. Symbols can combine with letters and numbers to keep a personal note close to the heart. For a special enhancement, consider including precious gems, Birthstones, diamonds or charms in the overall design. Embedding jewels in the script, as links between letters, or at both ends of the name creates a rich, yet subtle effect. For special occasions, or any occasion, imagine giving a gold name necklace to someone special. It exudes thoughtfulness, caring and appreciation. What better means of expressing how much someone is valued then with his or her name spelled out in gold on one beautiful piece of jewelry.

There’s no fear of getting the wrong size or color and no worries about conveying the wrong message. A name in gold always fits perfectly.

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